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WORLD OF SISTERS 0.17.3 PUBLIC RELEASE  (fixed bug with being stuck at stairs)

In short - What's new? We have also improved other images where Katy had outdated look and in total over 200+ images with 300+ other image assets were added into this update, making it the biggest update we ever made in a record time with breaking 500+ big or smaller visual changes, tons of bugs fixed and added improvements and over 20 individual animations and 9 sexy scenes. Roughly 2+ hours of new content. We recommend using new game to see all Katy's features. 

Katy's visual was upgraded (including her body in all her poses, emotions, etc.)

Katy's story will consist of 5 separate storylines directions:

#1 Main storyline - Brother sister relationship slowly becoming something much more.

#2 Studying together - Studying sessions will eventually get out of hand.

#3 Bathroom peaking - Player will be able to start peeking how Katy is having a bath, maybe help her wash her body, or have a bath time together, naked of course

#4 Night messaging - Being together in the night time, one for other when Katy feels lonely and need her brother's shoulder as someone she could cuddle to.

#5 Family secrets - Player will see how Katy masturbate and she will see him. Next logical step will be to start experimenting and exploring together how far it goes.

Also from now on there will be possibility to masturbate on the bed and on the chair in your bedroom, watching something in private or imagining someone

New content skipping feature:

More convenient way to jump into the right moment. It can get uneasy to navigate in huge VN story content and it could get a little bit confusing, especially when you are a returning player. 

According to Ashe Thurman (Leading expert in VN storytelling) we will prepare a simple solution which will look as following:

Series of questions will tell the game how to prepare the save just for you, by your skipping preferences:

This will enable you to skip huge portions of story (which you already played), granting you GUI, skills, locations, money, forward the calendar and read through tons of conversations.

We are listening to your requests and suggestions closely and this is a sustainable way to expand content jumping in the future for us and for your easier gameplay.

No worries, the questions won't be more than 7-10 based (Based on your selections)

Skipped content will be fully under your control and ready in 7-10 clicks (you could always go back one step or rollback fully to main menu and change your mind to explore only certain parts of the story branches - at least roughly)

Or even simplified visual form of skipping loads of content within few clicks:

*this does not mean it will unlock everything, you still need to play the story, but worry not as we have made 8 character sex scenes available to watch from the first start of the game (increased from 3)

New redesigned game introduction:

We wanted to give a short preview for new players what is the game about. This way new players can have it easier to see a glimpse of what they can expect by playing.

New backstory and early game dream changes:

For 4 years we had written a backstory of the game that will be important as you progress through the story. It is now story-wise ripe enough to expand a little bit into the mystery of what's behind the world of sisters with short history and a goal for the player to progress in his own story.

Every compelling story needs a long term goal which hero can chase towards, display strong villain character introduction. The Demon Queen from the dream will be soon finally explained in detail and as a cherry on a cake MissKitty2K agreed to coop. voiceover of the backstory with her sexy voice.

(Yup that's new feature to read out certain special texts and I have to tell you it looks really good with the visual storytelling, and we hope to use it more in the future for major story moments) You can visit MissKitty channel here, she has over 150M views on PH, all related to VN adult games, you can find her channel here: https://www.patreon.com/misskitty2k/

To summarize it, this update took huge portion of our heart to make and we are still not satisfied with many little details and ideas on our nice to have list are still missing. The only thing which we couldn't fully complete at all is the task navigation for some Katy's quest-lines due to time reasons and lack of testers. This will be however fixed in upcoming update. 

Details and new content of release 0.16 (September 2022):

======== How to access some pieces of latest content? ========

Natalie main story line

Experience the different phases of dating Natalie from the point where she dates another guy to becoming her boyfriend, step by step, talking to her, doing homework for her and learning more about her interests and hobbies. Once you kiss and become young couple you will be able to access the final camping trip sex scene with Natalie in the forest tent with unique twist.

Camping talks

After you pass through Ted Bear's story a bit you will unlock forest and during weekend you will gain opportunity to travel by solving 4 mini-games to reach the camping site. Here you can re-visit at the campfire anytime to hear some sexy, naughty, funny stories and progress with final parts of Natalie to unlock her sex scene in the tent.

Arguing in the evening at home

The perfect family shatters as you visit home entrance in the evenings and hear 8 different arguments between your Parents

Natalie side-quests about fox running

In order to get into her attention you can express your feelings towards Natalie, cheer her up and understand her motivation and life goals better.

VIP eavesdroping

Set f 6 talks where you spy on VIP kings club members. After you passes initial 2 tests with Victoria and become VIP kings club member, go visit the school > school rightwing > in the first door on the right in the morning to hear their naughty plans for the future.

Talking Fish with dick

Buy fish at the mall. Then hang it up in home living room and talk with it daily with over 60 unique conversations.


Reach strength to 2+ in the sports center gym and use the lamp in the home attic to spawn Djinn which will fullfill you 3 wishes. Set of 18 daily talks for every day and at least 15 in game days.

What else is new?

Simply said tons of stuff which would be a several pages long boring list, just know we added each day something new from the story/sexy/feature/content and we have been doing this for the last 2 months. So expect lots of visual and GUI upgrades, new features, minigames, balancing, new graphics of character poses and 100+ flashbacks 50+ sounds, about 100 pages of conversations, quality upgrades and many more.

We   are creating new erotic visual novel game called   World of Sisters  as an open world combination of funny and naughty breathtaking visual story experience  where you may date your step-sisters twins,  step-mother and 30+ girls.   

Every character has unique personality and you need to figure out how to progress in the story, What each girl like? Who they hate? How to   date and seduce them?

Welcome in the world of sisters where every girl in the game has a sister. Explore the mystery back-story behind this by visiting new places, gathering items  , solving riddles  and talking with girls to meet all sisters.  (Including day / night cycle  +  final game will have  100+ hours  of game play time)

Your decisions  have impact on  your adventure  with multiple scenario branches.  We aimed to create something to play casually with  simple design and lots of fun.   Your approach will create unique love triangle situations. We know we don't have many in the game yet, but we are working on it.

Expect funny, naughty, awkward and  kinky situations in the story but also sexual fetishes shown in freshly new and gentle way.     Anal, Oral, Deepthroat, Creampie, Gloryhole, Hidden sex, Step-Sister, Step-Brother,  Lesbians, Twins, Dirty Talk, Missionary, Licking, Sex-toys, Threesome, Costumes, Milf, Bareback, Foursome, Public Sex, Submission, Pregnant, Pissing, Exhibitionism, Blindfold, Squirting, Secret Sex,  Love story, Girlfriend, Cheating and more.

We aim to create long term collaborative experience for everyone to enjoy.   Join us on Patreon and you will receive VOTE POWER to decide the game direction.  YES, you will gain opportunity to choose what girls receive sex scenes, what fetishes we focus on, where will the story  continue, what locations will unlock first.  Currently only 10% of this game content is finished.   Vote what comes next in form of upcoming   content - visit our Patreon.

Some usefull links for Worlf of Sisters project:

Download the game (Windows / android / web): https://www.worldofsisters.net/download/
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WorldofSisters
Itch.io: https://worldofsisters.itch.io/world-of-sisters
Subscribestar: https://subscribestar.adult/worldofsisters
Web: https://www.worldofsisters.net/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/worldsofsisters
Discord: https://discord.gg/ReETjeJE78
E-mail: ProjectWorldOfSisters@gmail.com
Give us feedback: https://forms.gle/MAA6pv96dsYcFFqeA
Report a bug: https://forms.gle/nWzmK1HAFeZ97MN89
Submit ideas: https://forms.gle/aKs7fGkMNVxEBvya9

Updated 17 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, Android
Rated 3.5 out of 5 stars
(19 total ratings)
AuthorSexy Goddess Game Studio
GenreVisual Novel
Made withUnity
Tags2022, adult-game, Dating Sim, Erotic, sex, Singleplayer, sisters, step-mom, step-sister, twins
Average sessionA few hours
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Install instructions

1 - Download it   2 -  Unzip it 3- Play the .exe file

Android - Enable installs from unknown sources and open .apk in the phone


World Of Sisters 0.17.3 (ANDROID).apk 485 MB
World of Sisters 0.17.3 (DESKTOP).zip

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Cuando se va a poder ver de nuevo la tasklist?

Meanwhile you can use skip content, skip questionaires or start a new game, it works there fine. The possible issue I can think of is upgrading from older save  to have the issue you describe. Roughly


When playing on android, it closes after a few seconds it reaches 100% and says "GAME IS PREPARING TO START". Lasts about 3 seconds, then I'm staring at my phone's home screen. Is this due to the itch.io version, or is my phone just a piece of shit?

Wouldn't be surprised at the latter, haha

It seems like the phone doesn't have enough RAM, what phone do you have?

Android Version 10

I did a factory reset, and currently I have 20.13 GB free, redownloaded it, and same thing happened. Quit to home screen when it said game is preparing to start.

Try the new version 0.16 we did a lot of performance fixes so it could work with your problem now, fingers crossed


Tried it, and I think I might just have to build up enough money for a PC. After all, I highly doubt it's anything to do with your game, I was just unlucky enough to be born poor 😅

Any plans to add a female character who treats the mc bad in public but is submissive behind closed doors? If not already in the game.

(2 edits)

Hmm, fair question. I  guess the sister Jess will act kind of badly towards player in public to a certain point when he will save her from bullies (VIP club) and since then she will be kind of acting nicer towards him in private, giving him pleasure moments and despite it will be expressed in a way she still likes to humiliate him, she will also enjoy having sexual stuff  together and sometimesPlayer will do nasty dominant things with her,  like face-fucking her mouth or taking control of her during upcoming sex scenes as a form of roleplay where player makes his revenge by fucking her maximally while     both will enjoy it fully.  Another one which could be close is   Lola who will enjoy the role of   being dominated,and keen on hardcore sex,    but she won't treat player badly (if you don't count the way   she will friendzone him a bit as emotionally badly).

Thank you for the feedback 😊 😊 

Two things: in front of the showers you cannot pick up the condom because they are blocked by the bug report icon. Second: How can you attent classes? I am moving into the class rooms, but I still don't know how to take part in the classes.

Am I dumb or did I just miss something? ^^

(2 edits) (+1)

The bug with the condom will be fixed in next fix update, thank you for reporting it.  You are not dumb, it is just not explained explicit   (Teachers just tell you to attend the classes regular in the morning)     the classes work simply: visit any one of four rooms on the top floor in the morning and lesson will appear. Each room has 5-6 different lessons which progresses when you attend them repeatedly. And we will add more later.  Have a good day.

Thank you. In the park in front of the ice cream stand there is another thing blocked by the bugs icon. Money :P

And is there a way to skip the 3rd lift weight challenge? I am hammering the button but I reach no further than 21/25

Is there a trick to get it or do I need a mousclick bot? 

I will move the money from the park to accessible place, thank you. Well the trick is that you can use two fingers quickly changing and take turns to   click , or  maybe if  space key works you could press it using  the same technic. But at the moment it is just a challenge, we have a plan to put more skills into the game and make them usefull but at the moment there is quite limited usage for the strength. (we don't want to overuse them like some games do)

Does this contain ntr?

(2 edits)

If you are asking if someone else can fuck the girls you are dating then I  need to answer the girls will be loyal to you. There will be some exceptions, for example Sharon will date multiple partners at once as her approach to cuckold/boyfriends is very fluid, but she will tell you from the beginning how she feels.

But generally speaking you will decide how you want to play it, and for example if    you will break up with the girl or reach out a point where threesome could happen, that's the edge result of your actions   so simply said it will be also dependent on your choices and if our followers vote for such content in poll votes.


excuse me is their any type of walkthrough :)

We are considering to prepare something something later on. First we need to include main story lines and add core parts to the main characters so it would make sense and ensure it won't be changed much (to keep it up to date to some visual) Also there is possibility in the game to track the progress using the tasklist, it's something for a start and will have more meaning when more main story and    side quests  be present in the game (in upcoming updates).

thank you

so its only downloading update 14.5 and update 14.9 has no download folder that itch desktop app is detecting. should i wait till the morning to update or is there something else?

There were downloads for  both 0.14.5 and 0.14.9 here so I removed the older one, maybe it looked confusing, and you just clicked on it as it was on the top and new one was on bottom, now only 0.14.9 are here, one for android second one for desktop

How to unlock all scenes..

By playing the game.  There is no magical button to unlock all sex scenes.  Anyway there is a game   feature (when you choose new game and third window option displays access) to last sex scenes added and accessible instantly (but you would skip the story leading to these, so it wouldn't make much sense why these happened). Visit our patreon to learn more.   

So what happened to the online version?

(2 edits)

Honestly we would love to put it here but itch.io has a limit of 200mb maximum (we were at 199 in version 0.13.7 and we can't lower  the size anymore) So the itch.io offer possibility to increase this limit, which we have requested 7 times and e-mailed support again and again and once even someone replied and said they increased this limit,  but when we tried they didn't and we feel sad and desperate about this. If anyone can help it would be much appreciated. The game is running in web version in other websites without an issue. We are open to any ideas how to get it back here.

Which other websites I love this game but I have a chromebook so I can't download it I've tried

(1 edit)

This  is our web   alternative: https://gamcore.com/games/world_of_sisters
We have also 3 big updates planned for upcoming 2 months, visit our patreon for more info, if you enjoyed our game you will love what will be in   these updates. :-)
World of Sisters -  Patreon

any femdom and character please


Cameron will dominate over Player, while Lola will like to be dominated and there will be new characters coming up that will be something in between depending on your in game choices

when will we get scenes with Jess?

Her story arch would involve opening the skate park and  learning more about her hobbies and  character a bit more, but first our patrons have voted out a sex scenes with Aurora, Judy and others, then we will upgrade visually Judy and sisters and then  more story and sex content will go in Jess direction.   Everyone who joins our patreon will receive voting power to  decide and influence what will be the content on next update , if people choose Jess we can do her with priority one update at a time.

Is Update 0.14.7 not for Android ? Why?

(4 edits)

It will be released later. There are extra stuff and bugs which needs to be fixed there (as well as some features added, like leveling system, floating skip button, fix of some  issues in   mini-games). And we  are working on these   right now to release 0.14.7 android   in the upcoming 1-3 days.  Visit our patreon for more info.  In return for waiting we will add brand new  achievements  system and easier tracking progress of individual characters. It will be really useful.

Assuming we have to increase Strength to the maximum value in order to progress in the game, it would certainly be a bad idea to stop at level 2 in order to spare my mouse button - and the whole mouse - because each new level requires more clicking...

Maybe you might think of a different way for the weights practice ? (and for others that would use the same method , that I haven't met at this point...)

There will be different weight lifting games in the gym , each will award 3 skills, also the strength is not a limitation at the moment and it is not needed to have more than 3. Expect heavy weights lifting where you will click certain key's (on adroid certain spots) for example, maybe we can decrease the number of clicks needed, making this mini game easier. Visit our discord and open question there, if more people will vote for it, we will do it.

Any chance, you'll be adding chubby or bbws to the game? I'd love that


We have plans to rework some MILF characters, namely Judy, Cameron and add many more soon as more locations unlock. So you have a lot to look forward to :) (Including  more chubby milfs sex scenes)

Very nice, thank you for the feedback :)

Just a quick question, which we had in our team, how big boobs are enough big? Because it seems like people like to see impossibly big boobies in these games, which is kinda scary... they could even suffocate you in real life

To me, I love natural breast no matter how big. To help with the size in your game, look up Ava Addams and Samantha 38G. To me, those women have amazing breast. Ava Addams has fake breast but they look so real lol

We have a new release 0.14.7 everyone, Wohooo! Very excited to hear what you think :) Cheers!

is there any point in most of the items?

In the upcoming update we plan to add achievement window where over 100 items grant you points marking the completion of the game, also there will be many usages for existing items collected over time as story progresses. Eg. tools, or if you screw up you will be use some items to conform the girls. (Like chocolate, flowers, or even condoms, it will depend on the girl) Some progresses could be used to unlock secret sex scenes. (currently not in the game, but planned idea - Eg. your choices will end up with someone in the bed, but it will happen only if do something, like using a vent with screwdriver with nerds will let you spy on the girls in the showers, etc.)

Achievements will use them in 0.14.9 Something to look forward to.

I am so lost lol oh and next update can you add a skip for Android loveing the game tho


Would you like to have a separate button for android there? Where, on the left or right, or some another solution? We are open to all ideas.


Good. We will add this feature there in a few weeks. Cheers!


I cannot wait for the Pregnant Content.

Good work looking for future update but still have a lot of typo and bug, like when I doing some puzzles the object I holding sometimes went yeeet (teleport somewhere)but we good with it, thanks for your time creating this and still working on this game, overall 9.3/10 points nice art work and more♥️

Thank you very much for your kind words, they cheering us up to continue working on the game. The current state is  missing tons of love and sex scenes which we plan to add as soon as possible and it will be hell of a ride! You have seen nothing so far :-)

How to unlock luna sex scene

When you play the first 30 minutes of the game (from main menu choose new game and when 3 windows pops up choose the one on the left, you will get there in no time) Hope this helps you.

So, will this game have Pregnancy?


Definitely. We want to add possibility to impregnate girls  in the future.

Hot damn sounds good.

(1 edit)

For some reason my game isn't opening on my android device. It keeps crashing :(


In a day we will release a new android update which should fix  the crashes. We are focusing on next update 0.13.9 now (Player and Judy sex)

Deleted 326 days ago

We are trying our best to fix the issues :) thank you

it crashes on android

Please try the new Android version with fixes(it's 50/50 chance it could work for you now):   WOS 0.13.7 ANDROID EXPERIMENTAL TEST 23

it says move you head to the right??? what does that even mean??

Neck exercise - it's good for your back :)

bruh how do you get past that screen tho

Just click on the screen.

I am using android and the game is not starting. Plzz fix my problem

We have spend some time investigating and we created a new .apk build that could work: "World of Sisters 0.13.6 ANDROID (TEST 21)" Please give us a feedback if it does, thank you very much!

still not working for me

What kind of phone do you have, (and if you know   what android version) ? Contact us on ProjectWorldofSisters@gmail.com

el juego me dice en el celular - please consider supporting  project continual y me saca del celular y no carga

What platform are you using, desktop/android/web ? Does it pass through the loading or show any error? What is your  system configuration. We can try to help reach us on projectworldofsisters@gmail.com

I am using android version and  the game is not opening

We have spend some time investigating and we created a new .apk build that could work: "World of Sisters 0.13.6 ANDROID (TEST 21)" Please give us a feedback if it does, thank you very much!

Does this game have sound effects? It won't stop me from playing, just want to know.

What type of sound effects would you like us to include in the game? I mean nothing is impossible if that would make sense we can consider adding it.

Moans and sex sounds if not already in the game. I love to hear the sound of a bj.

We will definitely add more sounds then. :) Like thrusting, ass clapping, penetration entering, squishy, liquids dripping, extra girl moaning sounds, special breathing in / out slow and fast ...   (It would be best if we could have a big list so we can assign this to a same voice over female as a recording request with list of sounds) We are basically open for ideas.

Kudos to this creator!

(1 edit)

game loads then crashes  

(1 edit)

Which one, the web version or desktop? What version of windows do you have? Please provide us more details so we can investigate. Or contact us on   projectworldofsisters@gmail.com and we will do our best to assist you.

We have made a fix that could help you, please try our latest version 0.13.5

We have spend some time investigating and we created a new .apk build that could work: "World of Sisters 0.13.6 ANDROID (TEST 21)" Please give us a feedback if it does, thank you very much!

is there a way to report bugs within the game?

Yes there is, in the options there is a report bug button.  Thank you!


It says i need to go downstairs but than i click to go downstairs and it tells me i need to go downstairs?


Thank you very much for reporting the bug, we will fix it. It is probable in new update you can use new  save to not let this happen again.

(2 edits)

before i even try i would like to know how many characters have playable content so far and if any have enough story for a few hours gameplay

(2 edits)

In a few days we will release an update which will add 5 more hours of gameplay and in a month we plan to add another 5+ hours. So our suggestion is to wait a few days :) Thank you for considering to play our game. (currently there are up to 30     characters in the game)

Howdy there! I wanted to give your game a download but when I clicked install it didn't give me a download option.

Thank you very much for the reply, did you downloaded it from itch.io? Maybe give it a try downloading it from our website (worldofsisters.net) And there should be no installation as the whole game is just in .zip file, just unzip it and in the folder you would find World of Sisters.exe file which starts the game. Hope this helps you. If not can you please send us a screenshot on   projectworldofsisters@gmail.com Big thanks!

We proudly announce our first game ALPHA  release 0.11, it's Awesome!